The final weeks


So that's it, my 6 years of living in London have been condensed down and packed into boxes for a new life back in Devon. I've been nervous, excited, stressed, sad and pretty much every emotion in between. I know London will always be there (we've already got our first trip back booked and planned) but it's a little scary to take this mammoth step outside the life Alex and I created and to start building it again somewhere new (I say new as it will be the first time living in Devon as a fully fledged adult, with bills, a house of our own, eventually), but known place.


The last two weeks have been a whirlwind of packing, trips to Devon, leaving parties and trying to see and do things in London we usually put off.


It's been crazy, magical and exactly what I wanted and needed- a boost! So see you later London, my love, you've been a blast.

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