Summer wishlist


1. Summer sandals II 2. Kate Spade black bag II 3. Simple bikini II
4. Eye shadow Palette 

Summer looks to be finally here to stay for a bit. The first BBQ of the year has happened (with no rain- hooray) and my skin is sun kissed thanks to spending copious amounts of time in the sun at Glastonbury. If we ignore the sweltering temperatures of the tube, summer you're okay I guess.

:: River Island Sandals

I saw a pair like this in their collection last year and never got round to buying them. This year they're back and I'm loving the lemony shade of this pair, plus they look like a perfect day-to-night summer shoe.

:: Kate Spade Bag

I'm a massive Kate Spade fan and have wanted a bag from there for a long time. This one has been on my wishlist for a while and to my luck it's now in the sale, I might just treat this space.

:: Topshop Bikini

I'm embarrassed to say that I only own one bikini and even more embarrassed to say how old it is (hangs head in shame) so this one caught my eye the other day. I love it in black because well... it's black! But this blue one is gorgeous as well. So if anyone fancies whisking me away for a beach holiday let me know and I'll buy these bikinis asap.

:: Maybelline Nude Palette 

I'm trying to get better with my make up and all that comes with it but at times I tend to stick to the products I know and love. However, as I was flicking through a magazine the other day I spotted an advert for this and now it's firmly on my wishlist. I wear a lot of creams and browns on my eyes anyway so this seems perfect and gives me much more choice than my current block of 4.

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