Devon, you're alright.


Moving from London has been nothing short of a whirlwind. I feel like I've finally got a handle on it and now, a week in, things are slightly more settled (as much as living with your parents with most of your things stored in the shed can be!)

There's something to be said of the move though - its been rejuvenating. Life seems somewhat calmer and both Alex and I are filled with a sense of happiness and freedom that, at times, was slightly buried in London. There seemed to be many things that laid heavy on us but the country air has eased a lot of things and has really helped to see our decision was right (in fact, it hasn't even been questioned).

There are, of course, elements of our old life that I miss: seeing friends daily/weekly; being close to different bars; the London transport system (and who thought anyone could miss that?) But the new life and change in bringing more options, possibilities, laughter and fun that I'm entirely grateful for. So for that, I say, "Devon, you're alright - I think we'll stay."

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