Eat:: Hubbox, Exeter


With Alex and I moving back to Devon, it's meant that we've gotten to go out and start exploring new places to eat and drink. Many locals will know of this place, but for us it's new, and any new burger joint is worth trying out!


We headed to Hubbox in Exeter, and we were impressed. Alex made the bold move of ordering a hot dog, and I stuck with faithful - the Hub Burger. We went with my parents and we shared a load of chips. The cheesy chips were delicious - probably my favourite thing we ordered. Also, their milkshakes are heavenly!! The banana milkshake was so so good - full of flavour, thick and creamy with more cream on top - it could have been a whole meal in itself!

Hubbox, I salute you, for your great d├ęcor, a relaxed atmosphere, food that's full of flavour and the best milkshakes in town!

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