That Friday Feeling

When working in London I had the regular Monday-Friday job and I loved that Friday feeling. After lunch on a Friday you sat counting down the hours until you were free for 2 days to do whatever you wanted. Trips away, weekends doing nothing-the world was your oyster for 48hrs and I loved it.

There's something so simple about that Friday feeling but it's something I miss more than I thought I would. Even though I'm now self-employed, the salon that I freelance at is a Tues-Sat situation. There are perks to this, the week seems to go so much quicker when you don't work on a Monday (it's something everyone should try and do more often) but I still miss the Friday feeling.

To me, Friday nights were,and are for many, the night to head out to town or to the pub. The night where everyone is celebrating that they finished the week. I'm not talking about going out and coming home so drunk you curl into a ball for the rest of the weekend, but spirits seem higher and there's more socialising done. My Friday is now Saturday nights and they don't feel the same. Saturday's to me, especially as the winter months approach, are about nights in front of the TV, after your day out (lunching, shopping,meeting friends etc). It's weird, I still get those 48hrs to do what I want but there's a shift to them, they don't feel like your normal Friday-Sunday weekend. Is it strange to miss a feeling as much as I do?

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