Like all people I have certain things and certain ways and in turn it forms part of my routine. But on the flip side I'm also terrible at sticking to things so that they firmly become a routine; something that I know I should do and that I should stick to. I should always floss everyday, I should put on my face cream every night etc etc.

When we were in the process of moving both Alex and I vowed to do certain things and so far we haven't...just yet. I suppose I can say it's because we still aren't in a place of our own (will this happen anytime soon, please keep fingers & toes crossed that it does) but surely you can start a routine at any time and it should stick with you after a period of time, no matter where you're living or what you're doing.

Autumn to me seems to be about change more than the New Year does. Summer is coming to an end, the colder months are hitting and you can see around you the change; leaves turn golden, coats come out of storage and the fires are lit and the red wine is drunk. And so with this change in season I'm going to start my new routines and promises I've been making to myself for far too long and not kept. They say it takes 21 days before something sticks, so by the time New Year hits I'll be well and truly into my proposed plans (I hope....)

I want to work on diet and fitness; I miss the old sporty me. She's been long hidden for a while and I want to bring her back. Bike rides, long walks all occupied with good food. I want (and need) more fruit and veg. Any decent recipe books that don't deprive me of my love of delicious food and my sweet tooth (and love for crisps) send them my way.

My beauty routine; over the past couple of years my interest in hair and beauty and increased. I need to continue with buying better quality skincare and looking after my face and skin etc. I suppose I should add above to drink more water.

Turn off the tech: we're all suckers for it and I love social media, Buzzfeed, PostSecret, Pinterest and all the rest in between but I don't want to be so absorbed in it all the time. Now that I no longer take the tube/train to work I've stopped reading as much in favour of my phone and I want this to stop. I recently read an article on Vogue and Alex and I have started to do this together- 50 minutes every morning and evening with no technology; we're talking to each other more and I'm reading again. Any reading suggestions, hit me up. I'm also thinking of more phone free evenings and/or days. It's bad that something so small has effected people so much, but I'm claiming back some time against smartphones, iPads and the rest.

So although it's only three things I think they are quite big and important changes that will, hopefully, change my lifestyle and the way we live - wish me luck?! The first month might be tough *<insert monkey covering mouth emoji here*>

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