Taking those moments

I'm forever learning to take those moments of just 5-10 minutes to yourself to compose, re-evaluate and ready myself for what's next. 

I've noticed that these moments usually happen when I'm driving alone on my way back from work. As I drive across the moor and take in the view, I also reassess and recompose, ready for what's next. As we don't have our own place at the moment it's good to take these moments out. I've gone from just 2 people in the house to 4 adults- all with our own thoughts on life and how it should be lived. Of course there's nothing wrong with this but it's an adjustment for all while Alex and I figure out and plan and cross fingers that our own home is in the pipeline.


Snatching those spare 5 minutes while you linger in the shower, drive in your car, out walking the dogs, an extra 20 mins as you slope off to lie on the bed - they are all helping me to become focused, more understanding, more....together. I suppose it's a sense of finding me and balancing out life. What do you do to find your zen and inner calm to face the world?

In the kitchen:: shortbread 'biscotti'

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