August Favourites


August has brought a big change for us; a change of scenery, a new place to live, and a new job. I'm so excited by a new chapter, the move has felt so right. But anyway, enough of the move already - onto some other monthly favourites of mine.

:: New work wardrobe


Even though I've gone self-employed, I'm still not working from home. I'm in an office environment and the rule is no jeans - I panicked a bit, as jeans are such a staple for me, so I've had to find nicer and smarter things to wear at work. It's been so nice to be dressing slightly fancier for work and to have homewear & workwear. It also gives me an excuse to shop twice as much!

:: Zara winter hat

I know - it's an August favourite and it should be way too early to be thinking about winter, but it's going to be turning autumnal very soon and a girl's got to be prepared. This hat was love at first sight, but I didn't buy it because I too thought "It's August, we might still have sun." But when my mum went shopping, she picked it up for me as an end of summer gift.

:: This view


If there was ever a reason to live in Devon and away from the tall buildings of London, it's this view! When all the leaves are are on the trees it truly is breathtaking. I'm lucky enough to drive through it everyday - I think it's beautiful.

:: The cinema

Alex and I love going to the cinema, but only ever did it when it was 2-4-1, because "Hello, two tickets to the cinema please" "Okay, please enter your life savings here. Popcorn? Add another £5" (just kidding - who buys popcorn and sweets in the cinema? Hello supermarkets!) Anyway, we've actually bought membership cards to our local cinema and it's so much cheaper! I'm looking forward to winter nights and dates at the cinema.

:: New glasses


I've done a million home trials with Glasses Direct, but this month I took the plunge and bought some new glasses. I love them, and the deal that they had on at the time meant I got a bargain, plus a pair of prescription sunglasses too! Stylish, and I can see - winner!

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