27 hrs in London


Alex and I had very few things planned for our trip to London besides seeing a couple of friends and just enjoying spending some time together and taking London in. I definitely noticed the change from being a visitor to a resident in London and I like the former so much more. We were so much more carefree with how we spent our time and it seemed like the pressure I felt when we lived there completely disappeared when were strolling around last Sunday and Monday.

We arrived on the Sunday into Waterloo and strolled up the Southbank with the aim to find somewhere for lunch and a drink or two to reward ourselves for the mammoth train ride that had an unexpected termination and diversion. We were so lucky with the weather- the blue skies and the beginnings of the crisp London autumn made it perfect for strolling everywhere.


After lunch and some more mooching about we heading to the Icebar on Heddon Street. Has anyone been before? I did once but it's still good each time and the fact that they have a different theme each time makes it much more enjoyable as you are seeing something new. Don't get me wrong, it's totally a cheesy, touristy thing to do but I love it. So, donned with capes and gloves we headed into the -5 icebar and sampled a few of their cocktails before heading out into the much warmer streets of London and to head to ours friend's place for a flying visit to Covent Garden to see the beautiful balloon display. We went as the evening was drawing in so when the balloons lit up it was even more magical. Afterwards we wondered up to my favourite, Charlotte Street, for dinner and long catch ups.


On the Monday our friends headed off to work and we went in search of breakfast. We even wondered down Oxford Street (I can't remember the last time I did that!). Alex had to put up with my friend and I wondering around Selfridges (hello Birchbox) and Liberty's but it was worth it for the refuel in terms of Patty & Bun and then a quick drink before our train.

Our trip was very fleeting but so lovely. I felt refreshed and so carefree on this trip and it is something I want to do often. I don't want London to become a stranger, especially as there is still so much to see, do and of course, lots of friends to still catch up with. Thanks again London (p.s. I still love you).

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