Brunch at Home

One of the main things I miss about London isn't the bright lights and the energy of the city; it's friends coming over and just hanging out. Some of my favourite nights were those winter nights, comfort food and my best friend turning up in her PJs with a bottle of wine ready for a night of TV and endless chatting. So when I was going through my camera the other day I came across some snaps of our brunch at home before we left London.

Brunch is one of my favourite things to do and we always make a big deal out of breakfast/brunch on Sundays. It felt so fancy setting up brunch at home and not heading out to find somewhere. It felt so great around the big table with a stack of pancakes, endless pots of tea, no hurry to be anywhere and no bill at the end to pay!

Eat:: Patty & Bun

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