6 months later

It's been 6 months now since we packed up and moved from London. I know I talk about it often; I'm like a broken record, but it's still something that we are adapting to. There has been so many elements to the process of uprooting our lives, some for the better and some that I struggle with. 


:: WORK ::

Since moving my work-life balance has somewhat improved. I probably still work the same amount of hours but I'm closer to home so it doesn't take me as long to commute. I would love to get some extra freelance work over this year and really begin to build. I currently freelance for a salon but to have more strings to my bow would be fabulous, as well as some days working from home too!



This is probably one that needs the most adapting and getting use to and that's my 'life' balance. We moved back to Devon at a time when are friends were just finding jobs and moving to the city. It's like we were 4 years too early with our lives. And so, with moving, it meant leaving a lot of friends behind. I mean, it's the perfect excuse to visit them but it's not the same as a drink after work with them a couple times a week and turning up to our house in pjs for dinner etc. I miss this a lot; more than I ever thought I would. Looking back I never thought I was out much but actually I was. It was particularly hard around Christmastime this year. London has such a buzz to it and people are out and doing something all the time! In Devon people very much save going out until a Friday and/or Saturday night- there's no Thursday is the new Friday here!


:: HOME ::

This one that is very much in the works. Alex and I can't wait for a place of our own. For the past 6 months we've been living with my parents and after so many years apart it's been a real lesson to all of us involved I think. It's been tough finding something hat we wanted and when we found our dream property they gave it to someone else. However, more recently we've found another gem and fingers crossed we find out this week what the outcome is. Expect tears of joy or sorrow either way!




I miss London for:: it's bars and places to eat, people being close, my own schedule and plans, not having to drive all the time, great transport for late night drinks, most people's thoughts and opinions being like minded, no one caring about how you dress, knowing my area so well and loving most of it.

Things I love about Devon:: you're surrounded by sea, moors and forest-you just have to take your pick, better renting prices, the fresh air, the friendliness of people, the dogs, the local pubs, cinema prices, feeling like I'm going on an adventure when we do go away.

Home is where the wishlist is

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