January favourites


January was a really tough month for me, home, work and everything in between seemed to not be going right. It's a month I usually look forward to, this time around I just wanted to hide from the world. And now we're on to February-usually my least favourite month of the year. I'm giving it a second chance this year though and hoping it'll be better. February is going to be full of new things- a new home is number one on the list, but until then, a few favourites I scraped up for January.

:: ASOS boots


I got these jazzy little things in the ASOS sale as a Christmas blues treat to myself. I was looking for a plain black pair but who am I to turn down ones with Dalmatian print on the heels?! With all this cold and mainly wet weather we've been having I'm investing in boots as I don't want to part with socks for a long time yet. 

:: Making a Murderer

I mean hello- who didn't blitz through this while eating leftover Christmas chocolates in the first few weeks of the new year?! So many conspiracies and unanswered questions! My opinions switched and changed constantly- what the hell really happened? 

:: Twinings tea


I wish I could say this was sponsored by Twinings and I had a lifetime supply of their tea but it's not. I love Twinnings tea and I've been trying to track down my favourite fruit tea for ages but for some reason none of the local supermarkets have it. I gave up and went straight to the source and then got really carried away; 3 for 2 on raspberry and dragonfruit tea and an extra box of every day. The delivery was so quick I'll definitely be using them again.

:: Snow


I love snow; it always takes this country by complete shock and it's often gone quicker than it arrives but I love it. I want winters of old back when those flurries came thick and fast, when everyone wasn't convinced work was the number one priority and you stayed home-out to play and then home to snuggle up in front of the fire. I'm so glad we got a little bit of snow- it's so magical when there is a white blanket covering the ground- I not so secretly want some more this February.

:: Finding out about our rental

As mentioned we finally found a place to call our own. It's a little cottage on the edge of the moor and a short distance away from town. It's not in the village that we wanted but that's the joy of renting; you don't have to stay put forever. Until then it's been wishlist shopping and planning where everything will go. 

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