A Country Birthday

I'm really a birthday person; I'm not sure whether it's because it's in January- so close to Christmas and no one feels like doing anything- but it's just not my favourite. Last year Alex and I went to York for it and it was the best. No one knew it was a birthday, a big deal wasn't made and we got to explore somewhere new. I think it may be a new tradition going forward.

This birthday was a very relaxed one; Alex and I took the dogs on a walk on the moors, followed by a drink in the pub. The evening was started with my favourite birthday cake and then dinner and drinks out. These are a few snaps from our dog walk. It was blue-ish sky when we started but as soon as we crossed the water it got wetter and windier. We must have looked like such an attractive couple once we ended the pub, soggy mutts in tow!

January favourites

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