5 Stocking Must Haves

5 Stocking Must Haves

I may almost be 26 but stockings from Father Christmas is still a big deal in our family. Stockings are delivered in the dead of night and they are always from Father Christmas- not from each other! I know they're from the big man himself because he's stayed consistent and there's also a few things that no stocking would be without year after year.


The ole faithful coins- a bag of these and you know the old man's done good.

:: FLUMPS ::

Another absolute classic, when I was younger I use to get the biggest tube of them; I still hunt for them in my stocking to this day.


Smellies to set up the year ahead. When I was little it was Matey's (you know the little sailor bottle?) and squirty bath foam, nowadays it's a nice body scrub. 6 or 26, smellies have to be included.


Because what else are you going to eat for breakfast on Christmas if you don't have a selection box in your stocking?


The big man knows me and my love for stationery. I think my favourite ever piece was a Spice Girls pen that looked like a microphone on top but would open up and be a lolly pop as well. So chic! It may not be as major now but I still love the odd pen or 2 thrown in the stocking.

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