Iceland:: waterfalls and black beaches

Iceland:: waterfalls and black beaches



Oh Iceland you're an absolute babe and you know it. I don't hate you for knowing it either, in fact, I could move there quite easily. Granted, I may have to be a multi millionaire- I'm looking at you £17 frozen strawberry margaritas! But when a country places no.1 for working woman, maternity & paternity leave is given equal footing, and it's as laid back and beautifully decorated well, where do I sign?


On the Friday we had booked ourselves on a tour to visit some of the waterfalls and black beaches of Iceland. It didn't disappoint! Yes you are on a coach for the majority of the day but you get to see so much other than the city. Cute little towns- hello Selfoss; mountains, glaciers and just the world go by. It's breathtakingly beautiful and relaxing.

The waterfalls we saw were Skogafoss and Seljalandsfoss. Both were pretty hypnotic to watch and I was so glad we went on this tour. Skogafoss was huge. Legend has it that a wealthy settler hid his wealth in a case behind the waterfall. No one has retrieved it but when they did try the handle of the chest came loose. They even have the handle in a museum. They say when the sun shines on it, it is showing you the spot where it is hidden. Low and behold the sun came out just before we left but alas no gold for us.


The final one we saw was Seljalandsfoss. It was getting pretty dark by the time we got there so we couldn't explore it that much. You can actually walk behind this waterfall. It would have been amazing to do but with the darkness, the thick ice patches and my clumsiness it was a recipe for disaster.

We also got to visit the black beaches. One in the small town of Vik and then the bigger beach-Reynisdranger. And boy was it windy!!! The waves were huge and known as sneaker waves, i.e you really won't leave Iceland if you get caught in one of them!! The beach itself was pretty spectacular. It was super windy; at one point I couldn't move my legs forward it was so bad! And so I didn't do the beach justice. I can only imagine what it would be like to come in summer when the sun is out all the time.


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