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As you probably already read in my last Iceland post, I love Iceland. It feels safe, comforting and a great place to be. When I first came on holiday to Iceland 3 years ago, I banged on about it for days, months, actually it was years.

I went before most other people I know had gone and it's so lovely to see how many people now consider it as a holiday destination. The first time I holidayed there we hadn't really planned on going to Iceland. We were looking for a Christmas market but everything was through the roof expensive. My friend and I chose Iceland as somewhere different that had loads to do and explore. It was the best decision I made to pick a country I knew little about. Heading back it still lived up to my expectations and more so.

And oh honey, I'm still sweet on you! We visited waterfalls, black beaches and saw the Northern Lights. And relaxed; took in the town, shopped (ah, if only I had the money and enough suitcase space-a couple of shops would have been coming home with me).

Reykjavik and Iceland in general is just mega. I could have stayed forever. That winter sun that stays low and gives everything that magical glow; the friendliness of the country- our taxi driver to the airport made sure to tell and show us his Northern Lights experiences that happened recently! Everything just feels so natural. No rush and bustle.

Save your money as it is super expensive but travel and see it. You would never believe Reykjavik is the capital of Iceland. It's like no major capital; there are no tall buildings (beside the church) and there is non of the hustle and bustle you associate with cities. In fact, it feels small time town and I adore it for this. You can soak it all in and find your favourite spots.

We loved the Harpa Concert Hall inside and out. Inside the design is beautiful; like a honeycomb of sorts. And for a building made out of glass it is cosy. You can walk to the back and just take some time looking at the water and the harbour life come and go. And at night, the outside lights up in an array of colours. It looks pretty magical.


As well as the concert hall there is all all of downtown Reykjavik, and then the main road of town as well. It's hard to pick a favourite spot that we went when in town and I know I sound lovesick when I talk about this country but it really is my favourite. I cannot say more than that, it's just my favourite.

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