Travel:: 10 reasons to visit Iceland


 Both times I've been for long weekend type breaks. I tend to find city breaks fun but always rushed and on the go. Reykjavik has a vibe about it that you know it's a city that's alive and busy but not one that makes you feel rushed.


Everywhere you look there is art; some beautiful; others funny; all of it thought out. Other cities need to up their games; no dodgy 'tags' considered as art here.

I think I spent more time on the hunt and photographing street art than anything else when we were in the town. And I only took a selection of what I saw. My favourite; a huge black and white piece, my second favourite though was a step-by-step guide on how to tie a tie.


My favourite place to eat in Iceland. I've visited each time and it's always good. Friendly staff and good food. They have classic tapas as well as Icelandic tapas. It's the place I go for the big, main meal of the trip so be prepared to spend a bit, however, they do have the cheapest glass of bubbles I've seen!


Fairy lights everywhere!! I'm a sucker for them throughout the year but Iceland takes it to another level. On their houses, in the trees and bushes, around their windows. A and I instantly came home and set about buying a million more lights for Christmas.


Now this is a pretty broad point but there really is no other way to describe it other than breathtaking. If you have the time you have to get out of the city and see a different side of the country. Reykjavik takes up the smallest portion of Iceland and what lies beyond the city must really been seen. The waterfalls, mountains, everything.


Elves, trolls, witches this country has it all and the stories to match. Their folklore and beliefs make for fascinating tales; something I could listen to for hours.


Alex said it was some of the best beer he drank while in Iceland and he put it down to the water. It was so fresh and so clean. Just knowing it's doing good stuff inside and out. I want to bottle it up and have a constant supply for myself. Hey if Madonna had Kabbalah water I can surely get some from Iceland right? 

:: BRAVO :: 

On the main street before being in downtown. Head here for casual and cosy afternoon drinks. It's the cheapest wine in Reykjavik thanks for their 11-8 happy hour. We spent a while in on our last night. We had a 4am wake up call the following morning so we were careful-ish.


Yes they are kings and queens of the myth, legends and elves but they also have a great history besides that. Their most famed food is the hot dog. Yes the hot dog! There's a little old stand in downtown where you queue round the block for this hot dog- Bill Clinton even visited. Hot dogs aside, they have a plethora of great names that are from Iceland; Bjork, Of Mice and Men, The Mountain from GoT! Beautiful scenery, beautiful country and a great history.


I don't think a shipping container and all the money in the world would have been enough for the things I wanted to buy. I really had to have some restraint who I would have come back to the UK with lots of pretty house things but no house as I'd be penniless and unable to afford my rent! After visiting I have a long list of home interior things that I want to buy. If only we had our own home and not a rented on.

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