Meet Edie

Yes, I've officially joined the mad dog lady club and I'm proud to be the newest member. Edie is our 11 week old black lab and we are totally smitten. For those who don't know we've wanted a dog since...forever. London wasn't the ideal place to get one and there were a lot of obstacles since moving back that meant timing was off. Our timing was off this time around too but you have a cute little puppy needing a home how can anyone say no?!

We were going to wait until the wedding and summer had passed so you could say we're actually a year ahead of ourselves but it just felt right. Home has felt even better with Edie in it and I'm so glad we made the jump earlier than planned.


Don't get me wrong, life has turned upside down. It's honestly like bringing a child home. In fact, a family member recently said to me she thinks having a puppy is harder than raising a baby! WHAT! I'm not sure on that one. Sure Edie occasionally likes late night parties where she squeaks until we join in and there is a lot of mess (my house for the first week looked like a bomb had hit it!), but she's pretty good all things considered. We've mastered sleeping through the night (thank you puppy gods!) and she sleeps the vast majority of the time. 


She's getting bigger by the day and I want her to stay puppy sized forever! She is so darn cute and I can't get over the fact we're adult and old enough to own our own dog. When the hell did that happen?!


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