2016 Favourites

It was a blink and you missed it year, 2016, and if I'm I'm honest I really rather have just skipped the year. 2016 seems to have been a tough year for everyone I've spoken to. I cannot wait to raise a glass and say goodbye to a crappy 2016 and hello 2017. 2016 was filled with death, family issues and house problems but it's true to say 'this too shall past'- I'm hoping that it's all passed and we can go forward.

But I can't look back on the whole year without taking some good from it. You have to try and take the positives and try to ignore the rest. 


I can't believe this is the year we get married! I know it'll be here before you know it and whether we're prepared or not it's happening. I still remember all the details, I loved how it happened, unassuming, relaxed, just the 2 of us.


We didn't do as much travelling as we had planned to this year but there's always next year. I did still manage to tick off a few places this year and for that I'm grateful. We got to go to London a few times which I'm so happy about, a quick day trip to Paris, a weekend in Bath, a festival which was a holiday of sorts and my favourite of the year, Iceland.


We had a rocky time house wise since we moved back from London. We stayed at my parents for 7 months- which is always hard after having your own space for so long. After that we had a nightmare 8 weeks in a damp, mouldy cottage where the letting agents tried to blame us! But finally in April we found our current home and we love it down here. I don't think I've ever felt more at home. It is beautiful where we live and I'm so glad we made the move back. This little cottage was the icing on the cake and over the past 8 months we've been really working on putting our own touches to it. It's not always the easiest to do that when you are renting but I love the challenge and, as our taste and style has evolved, I've loved finding pieces to match and to be able to take with us no matter what home we live in.

:: EDIE :: 

Owning our own pet has been on our bucket list since the very beginning of our relationship and this year we achieved it. We met our pupster at only 3 weeks old and it was so exciting be able to bring her home at the beginning of December. Edie was the best way to finish the year. I absolutely adore her, our home wouldn't feel right without her and it really has set up our family unit. 

December Favourites

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