People always choose this time of year to make resolutions. Some big, some small, promises to keep them, some will, some won't. I usually start with good intentions and then fail. Perhaps something came up or got in the way; maybe I just didn't have the heart for it in the first place. Whatever the reason it means for the last few years I've had no new year's resolutions.

2016 was a tricky and tough year throughout and it's honestly taken it's toll but it's also taught me some life lessons; important things I want to take with me into 2017 and beyond. Not quite resolutions but a new mentality and outlook on life. Life is short; it shouldn't be as complicated as we all make it but we do and we have to change and adapt to organise our lives- messes and all!

This 2017 I'm focusing on the good. Our wedding is coming up and we have to finish so much more of the planning; first up actually confirming details with the registry office and getting the invitations sorted. 

Hopefully this year will include more travel. I want to explore the UK as well as further afield. I'm lucky enough that I have family who have moved/are moving to these far flung places and it would be rude not to go and visit them. 

The end of 2016 saw my work load start to build so I'm hoping I can push and grow it more and more. A got hit with another curve ball the first week of 2017 but we've taken in our stride; although something we wouldn't have done 6 months ago.

As well as actually dates in the diary and things to look forward to I'm also going to change my approach to life:

- Pay it forward
- Let it go
- Be content

Let me get the sharpie out while I tattoo these to my arm. This is the year to focus on these 3 things. Kindness to others; remembering to take care of yourself and, that you cannot please everyone and not everyone can please you. It sounds so simple when you write it down but this is the year to act on it and not to let so many things interfere and bother me.

It's time to accept and embrace what is and to stop waiting for life to start. I'm so good at saying things like 'oh when I have a bit more money,' 'we'll do it when we both have the weekends free' etc. But why? If you continue with that mentality you'll be stuck waiting until forever! A and I have written a combined list for this year. It has things we want to achieve on it- big and small. Cinema trips, holidays, wedding, friends round for dinner etc. Time to stop pausing and get doing!

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January Favourites

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