December Favourites


Well hello 2017, you came around fast didn't you?! I try not to have the post Christmas blues but they usually hit me pretty hard. I love December so much, January is always a little duller even if it is my birthday month.


December was a funny month, one that didn't live high up in my expectations like it normally does; but there's next year and I just have a feeling December 2017 will be the best one yet.
December was a manic one; it's my busiest time of year at work, the dog arrived home and it was just go go go. January I'm going to slow it down, lots of evenings in, home cooked food, boxsets and just taking some time for me.


I'm not going to say Christmas itself as it was a very strange one this year; A had to work pretty much all if it, family members were absent and it was a disjointed Christmas Day. But I loved the break. The days leading up to Christmas, the laughs, the evenings in the pub, sleeping in, dog walks. Heading back to work is tricky after constant cheese and film days.

:: FROST ::

Yes I've become an oldie who talks about the weather!  We had some perfectly, crisp, cold and clear frosty days and that for me, is winter. If we could have a little bit of snow in the next month or so that would be great.

:: EDIE ::

I know, I've mentioned her everywhere but she is just the best thing. I can't believe we've only had her a month; it feels longer and in a good way. That extra life being there when you come home from work (especially when A is working) has made all the difference. It doesn't feel so lonely. 

She is just the cutest; she's learning all the time and we're getting out into the fresh air more and life just feels a bit more complete with her in it.


:: GIFTS ::

People have been so generous to me/us this Christmas and I got some lovely things. I love gift giving at Christmas- seeing people's faces light up as you've given something they've wanted for ages. Personally, I love gifting at Christmas- it's a great way to thank people you love and care about.






We recently got a new bed and a renewed sense of priority is getting the bedroom look how we want. Post Christmas/pre New Year, A and I had a big tidy up and bought some furniture for the bedroom. 

I forever get itchy feet this time of year so if anyone could give me the winning lottery numbers so I could buy my own house in the village I love, that would be great. I'd love to be able to paint my own walls and design my dream kitchen and bathroom; if only I knew it was on the horizon!



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