A Week of Mundane


Excuse me for the lack of posts recently. January was a pretty shocking month, the weather has been more than dreadful and it's all resulted in me hibernating and hiding away from it all. This past week has been a busy one if not mundane but d'you what- sometimes it's okay to embrace the mundane because it's not all about flat lays and the perfect brunch spots. We moved into our new house and it's been unpacking, organising bills, navigating the fire and staying warm.

:: Sunday 7th February ::

Sunday was moving day- as usual I'm a brilliant procrastinator and therefore a fantastic last minute packer. No joke, when we were leaving London Alex went with the van down to Devon and I stayed to pack the final load and blitz the flat- instead I piled the duvets up as we had no bed and napped for a solid 3 hours!

Packing done, van collected and tah dah 4 hours later we were surrounded by boxes and figuring out what to do first. Best thing for me is to always unpack the kettle, tea bags, milk and mugs first- that way everyone is happy with a cuppa in hand.

:: Monday 8th February ::

Still more boxes to unpack, lots of visits that stopped the unpacking of boxes. Trying to work out a way to stop going through millions of pounds worth of logs a day for the fire.

:: Tuesday 9th February ::

Back to work (still too many boxes to think of). Spent all day thinking of a way to get out of my circuits close and so to console myself ate the mos comforting lunch of a buttery, cheesy, fluffy jacket potato! Ran around a hall, hating life and still not looking like a supermodel (could be all the cheese at lunch tbh); came home, fell asleep under a blanket in front of the semi lit fire.

:: Wednesday 10th February ::


A late one at work but came home to cook dinner and have a couple glasses of prosecco- the only way to get through the mid week slump. Finally got proper logs ( I told you- we are now fire obsessed!) and had that roaring away and the heater on- it finally felt warm and how a house is suppose to. Best part of the night was telling Alex his birthday surprise! Spending the day in Paris in March! Ahhhhhhh PARIS!! I'm not sure who's more excited!! A whole day to explore- Alex hasn't been and the last time I went was 8 years ago!! PARIS! PARIS! PARIS!

:: Thursday 11th February ::


Got my nails done because they were a state and also, if a girl can't have TV then she can have pretty nails to keep her occupied. 

:: Friday 12th February ::

Night in alone and I rediscovered Chocolat in my DVD collection. Had the fire going, snuggled under the blanket with my hot water bottle, had a couple glasses of red and watched Chocolat.

:: Saturday 13th February :: 


Alex text me while at work in the morning that he can get a bit of internet on the TV meaning rugby and Netflix in the afternoon- may have done a happy dance. Found out later that it's now different from using 3G on phone-boo. Stopped off to see Alex at work on my way home; got fed cheesey chips. Once home opened a bottle of wine, wrote blog posts, fell asleep in bed watching Ryan Gosling- all was well.

In the kitchen:: lemonade scones

My Perfect Valentine