My Favourite Way to Spend a Sunday

Sundays; I'm not a huge fan of them but I've been told I do them well. It's the day I learnt to dread though; back to school blues, back to work woes but then I stopped working Mondays and Sundays seemed alright again, like I've got this guys I can have a typical Sunday but not face realities of Mondays- hooray! 

When I was little Sundays were big family days and I think I've probably carried on the importance of this togetherness is my own Sunday routines.

:: Sleep in ::

Sleeping in is a vital Sunday ritual; not for too long though- you don't want to waste the day, just for an hour or so more than usually do. Staying warm and cosy under the duvet before getting up in search of that perfect cup of tea.

:: Brunch ::


I love a long and leisurely breakfast and by the time we're up and somewhat organised it's brunch. The hardest decision to make at this point in the day is whether to make pancakes, waffles or eggs. Once food choices have been decided, it's planning for the week ahead, reading and chatting to each other about anything and everything.

:: An activity ::

This could mean a long walk followed by a drink or two in the pub or it could be lounging around with a good book as its too wet and cold to do anything else. I'm happy with either; a blast of fresh air and a reward of wine/cider or another large mug of tea and the next chapter of my book.

:: Sunday lunch ::

I love a wholesome Sunday meal that ends the weekend off right and always followed by pudding!! You've got your classic roast with all the trimmings but I'm also partial to a good pie or lasagne. Food that can be adapted to cater for a lot of people. Set the table, get the wine out and enjoy each others company.

:: Veg out ::

The final stage before falling into bed and starting the new week is the classic Sunday afternoon/evening film or documentary. Never anything too taxing- we have just cooked and eaten a big dinner after all-so it's time to pull out the classics; a David Attenborough doc or a Disney film.

Itchy Feet

In the kitchen:: lemonade scones