Digital Detox- how would you fair?


Now I know we all say we want to unplug and have a digital detox but do we really? What if that decision wasn't a decision but somewhat enforced? Since moving we've had no TV aerial (and we're still waiting on the landlord) and no internet connection until 3rd March! I realise I'm overreacting- I have a 3G (as long as I don't use my data plan up) and I can use the internet at work but it's not the same. I like coming home from work and sitting down and switching off with whatever I find on TV/Netflix. I love to watch movies and go on IMDB to find out the extra facts about the movie and cast. One of my favourite things is to scroll through Pinterest while Alex watches something I find super uninteresting on TV. 

My point is- I can digital detox but when I choose to. A Sunday here, a whole weekend there but self imposed not enforced. The funniest thing is it isn't the internet that's bothering me- I suppose I still have some access to that- it's the television and that's surprised me the most. It's a comfort and convenience thing; something that can challenge and help you learn new things (I'm looking at you Making a Murderer, the news and Question Time/University Challenge) but it can also help you switch off from the pressures of everyday and to just relax (New Girl, Modern Family, Real Housewives).

With no extra TV/internet it's made me realise we both need to have a day away from it; to enjoy each others company, to cook without having to Instagram it (well not that day at least!) to just be satisfied with what we've got. So how would you guys fair on your enforced digital detox, and what would you miss the most? It may just surprise you.

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