My Perfect Valentine


I'm never a big one for Valentine's Day- we always do cards, maybe  a little something but it's never a big deal for me. Maybe we all feel like we have to focus our energy on something while in the depths of winter and post Christmas and Valentine's Day is it. How cynical of me! I know I'd probably be the first to dress up and throw on some heels if I was promised an evening out with food and cocktails but I'm content with that also being something to look forward to year round and not reserved just for the 14th Feb.

Last year I wrote about the expectations and reality of Valentine's Day and I'm quite happy with them too. I know that this year Alex is working the entire weekend so I'm taking the day to love me instead. pjs, Ryan Gosling films, popcorn and prosecco. Not only does that sound like how I should spend every Sunday from now on, it also sounds like a decent Valentine's for one until Alex gets home and I've undoubtedly fallen asleep already!


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