Itchy Feet


Do you ever find yourself daydreaming abut what ifs and should Is? Of course you do, I doubt there is a single person in the world who doesn't I often dream about living somewhere else. I know- I've just moved from my friends and life in London back to family life in Devon but sometimes I wonder if I should have lived and explored more places. Some of my friends have lived in LA, Amsterdam, some are originally from Hong Kong, New Zealand have decided to start a new life in the UK. I'm not sure I'm brave enough for such long distance destinations but I do often wonder about other cities. Are they as fantastic to live, work and socialise in as they are to visit?


When living in London we often thought about moving a little further out- Kent or Surrey- countryside living and city working. Sometimes I think further afield again (UK based though)- Edinburgh, Bristol, Bath. Yorkshire has somewhat captured my heart from my first visit there last year.


I daydream about shopping in the town centre, heading out to the beautiful countryside. A new adventure with new places to learn about and new people to meet. Who knows if opportunity will ever come up or whether I will ever pursue it, all I know is that it's quite nice to daydream about alternative routes in life- do you do this?

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