What it takes to make a house a home


Now, we've been in our new house for 3 weeks and we slowly feel like we're getting somewhere. Yes there is still some mess and we are definitely still figuring out a lot but one main thing I keep asking myself is, when does a house become a home?

You are always going to fill a property with material items but is it this that makes it a home? I'm honest enough to say yes- that is completely part of making a home. We like having our things around, photos on the walls, plenty of blankets to snuggle under; it's why we make wishlists and go out and buy 'just one more' candle, but there's more to it than that.

Alex and I first felt like we were making this particular house a home in our first week. We had eaten dinner and managed to get the front room so cosy and warm (thank you fire and heater). It was then that we turned to each other and realised we could make this truly our own for the time that we live here.

Yes, that means buying more candles, plants, lamps, bedside tables (to name a few), but it also means having friends coming down to visit, family over for dinner, evenings in watching TV and movies. It's about creating memories as well as collecting things. A place that- by the time it takes you to move on- you know you've had a good time with some great memories. Of course, you're going to wonder how the electric keeps going down so quickly and why old buildings don't have central heating but when you remember the laughter had I'm hoping that outweighs a lot, if not all of the bad. So it means Alex and I have to get those invites out and start filling our house with memories that will make it a home.

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