The Cold Spring


I love the cold spring- more than I thought I did actually. Spring always poses a challenge for me, but the cold spring, when the sky is blue and the temperature is on the cooler side of warm but with a hint of heat- well that I can enjoy.


When those evenings aren't officially bight and long but it's not quite dark and you start to hear the birds chatting to each other in the trees.

The time of year where you get the most formidable sunsets that take your breath away- a sky filled with purples, pinks and oranges.

The cold spring where people start climbing out of their winter hibernation and start to plan things. Evenings become slightly more full, days off are spent outside a little more often and there seems to be a sense of optimism in the air.


And so to you cold spring- a mini season within winter, spring and the start of summer- stay around a month more- you fill me with the hope and optimism needed after a bleak winter. Stay longer as I love your birdsong, the flowers and the people coming back to life.

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