Eat:: The Cosy Club, Exeter

A former hospital wing isn't a place often associated with a great brunch spot. In fact hospital food makes me want to run a mile but The Cosy Club have taken this old building, kept it's charm and elevated it's food status beyond grey hospital food.

We were originally going to try it as a lunch spot but we were in town too early and I could not wait for 1 o'clock to roll around so the answer was (and always is) brunch. Tucked away a short stroll from the cathedral we got there around 10am (told you we were early!), it was pretty quiet as it was a Monday but it means we were seated straight away.


Alex went for the pulled pork panini and I went for pancakes with maple syrup and bacon. While we waited for our food we chatted and took in the decor. It's like stepping back in time; there are a lot of original features from it's hospital wing days but it's also filled with old paintings and prints which gives it a fantastic vibe. Honestly it felt like I should have curled hair and red lipstick on and going to dance during the wartime.


My pancakes were the perfect combination of sweet and savoury- often I find the pancakes too much and craving more a more savoury option but not this time. And they were the ideal size to keep me going all day.

If you're ever wanting somewhere a little different with a really relaxed atmosphere then head to The Cosy Club (I know there are a few branches dotted around the UK)- next time I'm heading to try their tapas menu and one of their blackberry and thyme margaritas.

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