March favourites


Sometimes you have to find the good and this month I have really had to dig deep to find it. It's been an incredibly tough month; our family has lost someone special and we've taken each day as it comes. It's heartbreaking and will take some time to recover. That being said, there have been some good elements from March and sometimes you have to focus on these.

:: Kurt Geiger Flatforms ::


I couldn't help myself when these finally shoes came back in stock in my size. ASOS were selling them at half price as well- it was clearly a sign. I missed out on the trend last summer- too ugly shoe for me- but these ones are beautiful. I had one lady tell me they were 'very Chanel' and it made my heart sing. So comfy, so chic, so spring, summer and autumn!

:: James Bay at the Apollo ::


I'm not sure I'm very good at hiding my love for James Bay, and after seeing him on his own tour this month, my love affair with that voice is far from over. I danced, cried and sang my heart out. If I could have gone to every gig that week (or you know, the whole tour) I would have. Now the countdown is well and truly on for his set at Boardmasters this year.

:: New Girl ::

I love a good boxset and rewatching New Girl is making me so happy. I absolutely adore Winston- his character genuinely makes me laugh out loud even when I'm all alone watching it! Now excuse me while I go and cut my bangs back in and go and rock a lot of polka dots!

:: Paris ::


For Alex's birthday I bought Eurostar tickets for a day trip to Paris. It was a whirlwind trip and my feet got wet and oh so sore, and I may still be recovering from it now, but we walked, saw, bought macarons, cheese and pink champagne. Thank you Paris, we'll be back for a little longer next time.

:: New socks ::

When life is a little bit shitty, what's a way to cheer yourself up? Fun socks! I cannot lie when I say finding these in New Look the other day 100% helped my day. I thought I was going to burst into tears every five minutes and I didn't really want to face the world, so a little pick-me-up certainly helped matters.

Dear World

Life in boxes...again