5 things:: Paris edition


Paris is so close now- it seemed so long ago since I booked it- there was no hint of spring and warm weather but now it's getting sunny and it's still light out past 6 o'clock I'm even more excited for our very quick trip to the city of love.

We're still planning what to do while we're there. We want to see as much as possible in our short amount of time but without feeling rushed + knackered by the end of it, because you know that's not cute at all. Any must dos + sees let me know, so far we're thinking:

:: A trip up the Eiffel Tower ::

 I love seeing cities from up high- there's something so special about it. I regret not going up the top of Hallgrimskirkja when in Iceland but I'll do that next time ;) I've been lucky enough to do the Empire State Building twice and the Top of the Rock. And last time I went to Paris I did the Eiffel Tower and the Arc du Triomphe; the Arc du Triomphe took my breath away. I saw it at night and the whole city just sparkled; it's one of my favourite memories of all time.

:: A boat cruise ::

What better way to see Paris than on a river cruise? After a bit of research I've seen that you can catch the cruise from the Eiffel Tower- see a way to combine + utilise time.

:: Lunch time ::

Okay not technically I thing to see- but it's Paris and it's a very important part of the day. If it's warm we're thinking maybe something al fresco but I'm ready for a plan B. To be honest, as long as there is cheese and wine I'm more than happy!

:: Montmartre/Sacre-Coeur ::

I know, another view from Paris, and those steps are a killer! But once you've battled the steps it's truly breathtaking. And with the carousel at the bottom, I feel like I'm an extra in Amelie.

:: Champs Elysée ::

If we have time + our feet our still functioning then a stroll down the Champs Elysée is on the list. 

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