Evenings in alone


Because of Alex's current job he works a lot of evenings and it means I've often home alone. When it first started I loved it; we were still staying with my parents so evenings were spent chilling out with the dogs, longer showers, warmer houses and TV in bed.

But now we're in our own place it isn't much fun. Those one off evenings dedicated to me time are heaven- a couple glasses of wine, a nice dinner, face packs, chocolates and a film. But when it's 4-5 nights a week it's not actually that fun.

Most of my evenings are spent as followed:

:: Figuring out what to have for dinner- I absolutely adore cooking, just not so much if it's dinner for one. Let's just say I eat a lot of pasta.

:: Locking the doors and having a lot of lights on. I ever much follow Jaime's line of thought on being home alone. In the day I'm okay but in the evenings it's a different story. Like, 'Hello, was that the wind or is there someone in my house?!'

:: The hot water bottle is filled up, blankets and spare duvets is brought onto the sofa and I make all attempts to stay as warm and toasty as possible.

:: Tv shows and films usually result in me falling asleep in front of them either on the sofa and TV. There's something about it being too quiet when I'm alone, see above: locking the doors!

What do you do to fill up your evenings? Do you enjoy it and see it as me time or wish that there was more company?

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