Life in boxes...again


So, a little life update for you all: our beautiful cottage dream has turned into a bit of a nightmare! Yes we have a potentially gorgeous country cottage but do you know what's not cute? Black mould, damp walls, condensation, and being told it's your fault. I thought it was going to be our home, but if I'm honest I've never felt less at home anywhere in life.

But the good news is that we have a place lined up and we're in the final stages of getting out of our contract on our cottage. The new house means we're really downsizing but it's got underfloor heating and it's on beautiful grounds. They used to host weddings, so that's the beauty level we have there folks!

We've only just unpacked and yes we have to pack again. And I'm going to have to definitely learn how to space plan and learn how to make it small and cosy but I'm so excited. I feel like a weight has lifted already, and you've got to do what makes you happy right?

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