Missing Friends

We knew the time was right to leave London and since getting our own place everything feels like it's starting to click into place (if we ignore all the damp problems our house has!) but there are elements I didn't really take on board until we moved.

I have a great core group of friends, not a massive number and do you know what I'm okay with that. I'm a firm believer that it's not the quantity of people you know it's the quality. They're the ones who care when I cry, jump around with me when I have good news to share and the ones- most importantly- who are there everyday for every tiny detail and over share- the only problem is I left them all in London!

And that's the thing I wasn't prepared for. I never thought I was a social butterfly as such but the more I think about it I was with my friends. There was also a dinner or drinks at least once a week, or there were friends coming round for dinner or for nights in, in our PJs, with wine and for a night full of chats, weekends were brunching and shopping, it's was reasonably busy calendar.

I really wasn't prepared for the distance of it all, and what I do to over come it all. When we were little it was about bonding over Spice Girls and birthday parties but now, how do you go about creating a long term friendship in a new area, suggestions on a postcard most welcome.

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