7 hours in Paris

Yes that's right- for Alex's birthday we hopped on the Eurostar and sailed through the tunnel to spend a glorious 7 hours in Paris. 

7 hours where we managed to do a circular tour of the city. I clocked up 13 miles (so says my health app) and I destroyed my feet. Those boots that I thought were the most sensible option for a day in Paris, to keep me warm and dry? Well, don't always trust boots my friends- no exaggeration, I think I got the onset of trench foot (okay, so that was a slight over exaggeration, but the pain guys, the pain!)

So with so little time in the city of love what do you do? Well head to the deceptively hard to find Eiffel Tower, eat crepes and make a mess like a 5 year old would, join a boat cruise to see more sights and landmarks, marvel at the erratic driving of the French, load up a basket full of goodies at the supermarché, followed by more walking and more sights. I'm not gonna lie, that exhausted me just writing the list!

:: Lowlights :: 

Wet feet and I wished the Parisians we saw smiled a bit more...maybe it was the weather though? 

:: Highlights :: 

Being able to see so much in such a short space of time. I surprised myself on how much we managed to do. Next time it's a weekend stay, less rushing, seeing inside the museums, go to the top of the Arc du Triomphe and to see the Eiffel Tower sparkle. 

Seeing men hold umbrellas for their ladies while they walked to lunch, or finished work for the day. Chivalry is not dead my friends! 

I love that we managed to make it to the Sacre Coeur. The view from there is pretty special and I like the challenge of many, many stairs-thanks circuits, you're starting to pay off. If we had more time we would have explored Montmartre and had long, leisurely, wine-filled lunch but that's now for next time. 



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