April Favourites


I can't lie, if I found March tough it's nothing compared to how I muddled through April. Making sense of it all and coming to terms with the new normal has been a lot harder than I thought. I think I've been holding it all in more- keeping it together for others, dealing with it behind closed doors.

So as life has to eventually go on and we shift to a new balance, a new way of thinking, coping and a new normal, you have to draw on the happier things, moments and people that make you happy. It's hard but doable; it's why I'm happy to share my April favourites- they may be small things but they it's something that shows happiness in the simple and mundane can still be achieved.

:: Issey Miyake L'Eau D'Issey ::


All my perfumes seemed to run out at exactly the same time- both a blessing a curse. I've been wanting to buy some new smells for a while now and this created the perfect opportunity. I'm now the owner of Issey Miyakes's D'Issey. It smells so good, rich but summery. This particular perfume actually makes me feel pretty grown up with how great it smells.

:: Moving house...again ::

I know- are you guys getting deja vu? Our beautiful cottage turned into the home from hell. Damp, mould and water streaming through the walls + huge bills- I dreaded coming home. But now, well now we've moved and we instantly feel more settled. We have massively downsized but with it we feel more relaxed and just happier. We've got a sun soaked little home and I already know where I'm putting the Christmas tree. Now you may laugh at this but at every home we've ever looked at I've always used the tree test. In the place we just moved from I didn't know where I was going to put it- it must have been a sign. In our new home, I knew instantly where it would go!

:: Sunnier Days ::


I often say I love the winter months (November/December- not those horrid post Xmas months) and I really do; bundling up indoors, movie afternoons as the rain splashes against the window, layers, but as the sun has begun to sine more I realise I have a little soft spot for summer. I'm already braving no socks and the shades are on but I'm looking forward to more. Bike rides, BBQs and beer gardens- come on sun- make these next few months a little cheerier.

:: Dior Forever Foundation ::

Now I've been looking for a new foundation for months but everyone I found was way to heavy- the caked in it look is not for me! The next thing you know I come across a sample of Dior's Forever Foundation and I'm sold! It gives perfect coverage that you can easily build up if  you need/want to but it also feels like your skin can still breath. Another added bonus is that it doesn't cost the earth- there's not that much difference to a Mac or Bobbi Brown foundation and that I can totally live with. 

:: Long lost friends ::

I'm excited and nervous about catching up with an old friend for a drink in the next couple of weeks. We went to primary school together, we were best friends but he was the year older than me and left for a different school. Our paths very rarely crossed but when they did we also greeted each other with big smiles and 'how's life' questions. Now I'm back and we live 30 minutes away from each other. I'm being brave and reaching out, drinks and a long catch up is in the diary.

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