Garden Inspiration

When we were in London we dreamed of having a little outside space (hello- who could/can afford those prices of a balcony let alone a garden?!), then we moved into our first cottage in Devon and it had a great little garden. We were so excited to spend weekends out there in the sun; jugs of Pimms, BBQs, tiki torches, but in reality the house was too much of a problem and we had to move on.

Now in our current place, we have struck gold- well, close enough for us. It may not be a garden but it's a pretty big outside space, complete with patio furniture and it's where the sun glows all afternoon and early evening. This means we can have a pretty garden area with only us having to focus on keeping the plants alive- no mowing the lawn! It also means that the jugs of Pimms can still be a reality!

April Favourites

Sunday Stroll