Morning Routines

Oh how I wish I was a morning person. Someone who sets their alarms once, jumps straight out of bed, into their morning workout and still have time to shower, pick the perfect outfit for the day, have flawless make up and still have time to eat breakfast and have some downtime before work.

I mean honestly- that is super human, kick ass people who conquer that. Then add anyone who can get a child ready as well as themselves well they are just magicians!

As you can probably tell I am far from being a morning person. I try and get the maximum amount of duvet time and rush around for the next 40 minutes before I have to leave the house. It's a key factor I need to work on. I love the peace that comes with getting up that little bit earlier but for me right now that does not happen, instead it usually goes like this...

:: 06:05 ::


My first alarm goes off. On average there are at least 5 more to go before I will eventually clamber out of bed.

:: 06:45 ::

I shower, on a good morning hair washing is also involved meaning I have to factor in extra time for drying and styling- it's days like this I question why I decided to have a time consuming fringe cut in!

:: 07:05 ::

I stand for too long deciding what to wear. This usually follows with search internal questions and thoughts such as 'what shoes do I need to wear, do I need to change my handbag over too? Oh god- I really need to go shopping- I haven't had new clothes in what feels like years!' In the meantime, Alex has kindly made me a large cup of tea to start my day. It's not warm water and lemon, and the rest of the day I'll try and be good and drink fruit tea but for now it helps me process the morning and start to hold semi decent conversations instead of grumpy, tired outbursts.

:: 07:30 ::


Time check and bugger! Only 20 minutes to fit the rest of my morning routine. Time to dry hair, attempt to style and apply make up that doesn't look rushed or like a 2 year old has done it for me.

:: 07:45 ::

By this time I realise I've had no breakfast and have two options; either throw something in my bag for later or pretend I have more time than I really do and start making something to eat.

:: 07:55 ::

I also realise 9/10 times that I haven't made lunch for the day and so will buy something while in town instead of saving my money like I keep telling myself I should. The ladies in Boots will know me on a first name basis very soon.

:: 08:05 :: 

I should have left the house 10 minutes instead of contemplating the lunch situation. I know I'm late but still always seem to make this the time I have a long conversation with Alex about his plans for the day and arranging dinner plans. This usually happens while I'm brushing teeth, putting on shoes and just standing at the door. I speed walk to the car (I pretend it's my morning workout although it takes less than 30 seconds) and head to work, hoping I don't get stuck behind the slowest drivers in the world.

Tell me how you guys do it, all you morning people...tell me?!

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