Where in the World


I can't believe it's been a year since New York (see my trip here, here and here). I want to go back so badly- there's so much more I want to see and do. I want to visit the museums, picnic in the park, visit Little Italy.

With the move from London, Alex finding work and life moving at an alarming pace we haven't been able to really sit and think about holidays. I can't believe we're nearly half way though the year- it's moving so fast and there is still so many places I want to visit before 2016 is out.

Alex and I were lucky enough to spend the day in Paris in March, I have a trip to Bath with my mum planned this weekend, we're escaping Glastonbury because we didn't get tickets ::sob:: by spending our time in London and I have a work trip to Spain booked in September. But I'm greedy and want more; a few more home and away trips need to booked for the rest of the year.

:: Iceland ::

Reykjavik (13)-edited.JPG

It's been nearly 3 years since I went to Iceland, 3! And I'm desperate to go back. I want to take Alex and show him this fabulous country. My number one thing for this time around is whale watching.

:: Copenhagen ::

What can I say- I love how the Scandinavians live! It seems to be the year that everyone visits Copenhagen. Everywhere I turn someone is either booking their trip or sharing photos of how good their holiday was; I'm not jealous I just want to join the Copenhagen gang!

:: Greece ::

Saying Greece is a bit vague I know but I'm just not sure where to go, all I know is that I'm dreaming of that blue and white scenery and lounging by the beach.

:: Edinburgh :: 

My friend and I have been talking about a trip to Edinburgh later this year; post Fringe so the prices come back down to reality but before the wet and cold of Scotland's winter really sets in. We're thinking September for a night away.

:: America ::


Now this is a tough one to break down. I, of course, want to revisit New York but there is so much of the US to explore. I'm torn between a long weekend in Boston or save more and do a week long trip to San Francisco. Decisions, decisions, if only I could do both- time for that lottery win.

Morning Routines

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