Making the Most of It

Something dawned on me recently, a thought, an idea: why wait?

Yep, why wait? Of course there are times when we should; maybe we should save a bit more so we can holiday but still afford rent and food on our return, we should definitely wait for dinner and not snack on all the food beforehand, waiting for the green man before crossing- also equally important- but essentially we shouldn't put other things off and call it waiting.

9 times out of 10 Alex works the weekends. I'm talking about Friday through to Monday and various days in the week, afternoons and evenings. So it can make our weekends somewhat shorter and it can feel like nothing gets done in the house, and it makes it pretty hard to make plans.

This is a post to moan about work; just how the make the best of the circumstances. Life recently has taught me that time is short and we should all be making the most out of it. To use time wisely, to feel content with what we are doing. For me, it means many things and changing attitudes and ideas, but one main concept is to utilise my time. Not to say I'm not going to be in my pjs by 8pm some nights, and some weekends will I'll veg on the sofa, popcorn in hand, but it means doing more with Alex at the weekends, even if it is for a few measly hours. Last month we kick started this with a stroll through the woods and a few weeks after that it was a windswept trip to the beach.

It was an early start, especially for a Sunday, but the drive in the car was spent chatting and laugh and the beach without the holidaymakers is one of my favourite places to be. It was so nice to be out; it can be so easy to get into the habit of clock-watching, staying home and thinking you don't have the time, but grab the bull by the horns, seize the day and all that!

A few shots from our morning at the beach...

A Weekend in Bath

Morning Routines