A Weekend in Bath

I think it's true- we never spend enough time exploring what's on our own back door. We're always off to sunnier climes and more adventurous places (I mean, nothing wrong with that and if anyone wants to hit me up with a super fab holiday I'm there) but really the UK has a lot to offer. Last weekend it offered me Bath.

And what a little charmer this little old city was. A blend of new and old- it was a perfect little mini break.


As part of mum's birthday present I booked a hotel for us in May- hoping the weather would be nicer, or at least drier, than her bday in March.

:: DAY ONE :: 

And so off we went with no real plan but to wander, shop, chat and drink cocktails. And boy did we drink cocktails- the less said the better, I left the hotel the next day with a sassy little hangover that did  not know when  to quit. Thanks passion fruit margaritas- you babes!


Besides said margaritas, we also filled our first day with an ever awesome dinner from Burger & Lobster- we all know my love for that garlic butter sauce. I love that place- lobster and garlic butter sauce every week please!

:: DAY TWO ::

The following day we pushed our hangovers gingerly to one side and put on our educational hats. First stop of the tour; the breathtaking Abbey.


I love the beauty of the stained glass windows and the ceiling- incredible. A favourite part for me is the history of the people; reading the plaques to commemorate people: what they were like, their ages, where they lived, I find it really fascinating.

Of course no trip to Bath is complete without visiting the Roman Baths. Just how massive are they?! You have to give the Romans credit- they knew how to do it in style.


Our time in Bath was finished off with ice cream and watching the street performers before catching an earlier train to our much craved beds.

Thanks Bath, let's do it again- maybe just one drink next time!

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