A Whole Lot of Busy

I love a busy week, a diary filled with loads of plans. I had just that and then I got sick! The proper fluey kind of sick, where every thing aches and you feel sorry for yourself and GAH, just let me lie on the sofa watching chick flicks until I feel like I can face the world again. But no! I stocked up (why is medicine so vile?) and persevered because I had damn good plans and, although I felt like I had been hit by a bus, I was not cancelling!



My inner 5 year old came out and I went to see Riverdance. Yes, I'm that cool and yes I loved every minute of it. It was honestly so amazing; it was pretty magical. There was a reason I did ballet and tap when I was little and the big R was it. Just how do they move their feet so fast?!



Monday afternoon was spent doing what I could easily do every week- afternoon tea. It was in the most fantastic setting- Bovey Castle. I could just imagine it in days gone by- all Downtown Abbey. We pulled up to valet parking (so fancy), the biggest selection of teas I've seen and a huge assortment of cakes. I only wish I'd taken my actual camera with me and bored people while I got some better shots.



Tuesday was a little slice of date night heaven; low key and just... nice. Sometimes there is nothing wrong with nice. Nice doesn't have to mean boring, for me it can offer me being content. And Tuesday evening was that. I ate too much Italian food (can you ever eat too much pasta though, I mean really?!) and then went to a gig in the cosiest setting I've ever seen at The Cavern. Twinkling lights, small, sofas and then bumping into old friends. I'd be happy if all Tuesdays were like that.

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