Glastonbury Blues


I can't even begin to describe how sad I am about not being at Glastonbury this year. These types of blues swamp me- they make me grumpy, sad, tearful, angry. No joy, just sorrow. 

Sorry guys- I realise I went OTT and totally reverted back to emo me- but the pain is real.

Glastonbury is my favourite place on earth and to not go this year is heartbreaking. H-E-A-R-T-B-R-E-A-K-I-N-G!

:: The smell of the morning dew on the fields and you are waking up and crawling out of your tents in search of tea.

:: Choosing what array of food you're going to eat that day.

:: What's that? There's a surprise performance at 10am- I'll be right there!

::You will constantly be amazed and in love with Arcadia spider.

:: Everyone, EVERYONE, is happy. Disney; I think you might not be the happiest place on earth- you have competition.

:: Cider before 11am is A-Okay. It's Glastonbury!

:: It may sound gross but you get pretty content at not washing your hair (hi dry shampoo, BFF) and wonder how long you can get away with this in the real world.

:: Talking of real world; you'll find it hard to adapt back to reality for a while. During the first couple of days you really contemplate the hippy life.

:: Those twinkly lights spanning the site that you watch from your tent every year.

:: Laughing and dancing your days away.

:: Realising that Glastonbury is your spiritual home.

Ahh I adore it! I'm ignoring all mention of it and escaping to London to cat sit for friends (who are at said festival *sob*) and eat my way around London. No TV, radio and hopefully no sobbing over instagram at that glorious place.

I love you Glastonbury, it's breaking my heart to miss you. Don't go anywhere-I'll be coming back to you- I promise!

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