Initial Thoughts



Are you pregnant? When's the date? Where will you have it? Baby's soon then?

Steady down folks, what happened to saying congratulations and leaving it a while?!

Alex and I have been engaged a little of 2 weeks and we have all ready been flooded with all those questions above and more. I know they come from a place of kindness, excitement and curiosity but some are just so....dated.

We've been together 7 years and still I feel weirdly grown up to be engaged and getting married. But when did it become okay to ask if we're pregnant because we've taken, let's face it, the next logical step (for us) in our relationship? Why do I feel like people are justifying our decision by making their own assumption that there's a bun in the oven?

If it's not babies its when and where. So much detail needs to be known- it can be unnerving. I can barely what I'm going to wear each day, what food to buy for the week! Let alone plan a whole wedding. Of course there are ideas and suggestions between the 2 of us- Pinterest was invented for a reason right?!

For right now and the grand total of 2 weeks that we've been engaged I'd just like a simple congrats and join me for a glass of prosecco or maybe 2. I promise you. friends, family, small neighbourhood that knows everything because... village life, you will know. But for right now; I want my ring back from the jewellers (long story), prosecco and enjoying that.

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