May Favourites


Well May just flew by didn't it?! How are we half through the year; I feel so old for saying it but we really will blink and it'll be Christmas!

Now that the sun is out I'm really looking forward to more time out in sun; beer gardens, BBQs, and hopefully planning some kind of holiday. Keep everything crossed for that one because this girl needs a holiday! Anyway, onto some of my favourite things from May.


I recently went for my eye test where they confirmed what I already new- that my eye sight had gotten worse and I was essentially blind without getting stronger lenses. I could barely drive with my glasses (that's what he said, I gave it a go- how's a girl suppose to get anywhere in Devon without a car?!) so I dented my purse and came away with new lenses and contacts. I'm loving the the no glasses look. People can actually see my make up! The only weird note is how much people commented on my face a la glasses free- like chill guys I've always had these chubby little cheeks they just aren't as hidden anymore!



For my mum's birthday we went for a weekend away in Bath- we walked, talked, saw and consumed waaaaaay too many cocktails. Bath you were still beautiful even with my achingly bad hangover.



Now I have contacts I can go back to my sunglasses obsession without it costing the earth (no thanks prescription sunglasses all.the.time) These bad boys were first on my list- even better I had a Topshop voucher so they didn't cost me a dime.


Yes yes, how very basic and cliche I am, but it's so pretty and I love it. A and I have really been putting so much time and effort into getting our new home just right. We feel so much happier and we want to invest and find things that fit our taste. It's been a long time coming but we finally know our style and I'm loving finding bits that fit into it. Enter stage left: my new marble tray. I have it on my bedside table for my jewellery, glasses etc. My next mission is to find a copper tray so if anyone knows where I can get one, give me the heads up, thanks.



A and I really have been meaning to print our pictures out for years, and I really mean years! We're building a scrap book with pictures, theatre tickets, memorabilia we want to keep. I did one for my Iceland trip and loved how it looked. We now plan on doing one for each year and then one for every holiday we go on. One of my favourite things to do at my parents/grandparents house is to go through old photos but I find nowadays we're storing more and more on the PC and they go forgotten.

Bank Holiday Vibes

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