Bank Holiday Vibes

Just like that Friday, end of week feeling, I love bank holiday vibes. I haven't been able to fully experience either since moving back as I work Saturdays and always have Mondays off, but I'm with you in spirit but with less alcohol to celebrate the 3 day weekend!

The last bank holiday weekend we had has been the best one I've had in ages. It was filled with family, friends and sun.

The weekend made me feel so content and happy and that kind of sleepy where you've been out in the sun, eaten a bunch of food and feel comfortably knackered you don't know whether to climb into bed or make your way out for more drinks. Please say this isn't just a huge ramble and people actually know what I'm talking about?!


I never thought we'd get there but we managed to find a house and feel 100% at home in it. To celebrate A and I asked family and my best friend over for a mini house warming. A made his delicious pulled chicken, we all drank prosecco and cider and we laughed, shared stories and stayed outside until it was too cold to stay out any longer.


Every 7 years there is a walk in our community to claim back the parishes rights to the land. I know- I hear ya! It's quaint and oh so country but I've never missed one my entire life and I just love it. It's a social event- people travel home just to take part. This year the weather was glorious and so was the company. My grandad would have loved it through and through. It was such a good day that we managed to rearrange our evening plans that day so we could continue with a few evening drinks and dinner in the pub.


Thank you bank holiday, you have been a normal weekend to me, but you were one of my favourite ones yet.

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