OOTD:: the backpack


There are always some fashion pieces you aren't to sure you're cool enough for, or maybe you're heading into the mum zone despite not having any children of your own; I, my friends, have entered that stage and have recently made 2 purchases that have in equal parts made me feel cool and maybe that I could be a cool mum in the future. Enter the first purchase: the backpack.

At 14 I wasn't seen with any other bag but my rucksack. A black Converse one with Tipex markings and a Mushu badge from Mulan because 'gah I'm so alternative and edgy'/ The straps were so low the bag bounced off my bum everywhere I walked and it held nothing major but I was so scene you guys it just had to be a rucksack!

But now they're in again and I'm not 14 so it's only right I move with the times and get something a little more grown up and that does not scream school kid but I have my life together, I like fashion, and I'm attempting to pull it off.

It's actually the perfect size; all that I need fits in it and it has pockets inside and out. Also, did you see the pom pom? IT'S SO FLUFFY! And one of the best bits; it was a bargain- £10 from Primark. I've found that I haven't gone into Primark for a long time. Since moving my newest town to do any proper shopping is a 40 minute drive away so we don't go as often as when we lived in London. Plus being 5ft 10" I seriously struggle with some of Primarks sizing, but every now and then there are some hidden gems and for me this one is it. 

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