June Favourites


As if we are now under 6 months to Christmas - where did the year go? I still have so much to get done before 2016 is done, but yet the year won't listen. 2016 - slow down for god's sake!

June has been a crazy month - it's the month I've felt happiest, most relaxed, and most content in. Thanks June, you good egg.



I know, I can't believe it either. Well I can, but I can't. It's just been so lovely - not that A and I weren't going anywhere - but it seems to change things. You let more things go, you're more chilled - does this continue?! I love the way A proposed and life since then has been exciting, scary and a lot more Pinterest (if that was even possible!)



I saw this little stick of gold over on Hannah Gale's blog and thought I'd give it a whirl. I am no contouring queen - in fact, I'm barely even a beginner - but I'm exploring more makeup. I love this, the effect and the price. The easiest and best bit? Just glide it over cheekbones, blend, and voila!

:: LONDON ::

I missed out on Glastonbury. No I don't want to hear how good it was, how you're adventure was, just let's pretend it didn't happen. To blur out Glastonbury '16, A and I packed our bags and headed to London Town instead. We ate, drank, explored and just spent some much needed quality time catching up.



Yes, it's no longer in chronological order, and I keep having to search to see if I've missed anyone's posts but I still love IG. My favourites at the moment are helping me to just go for it with the clothes I want to wear. Thanks IG!


When your 2 best friends say yes and are completely on it - I'm so excited to start putting plans into action. Hello to bridesmaid dresses! I love those girlies so much.

Snapshots:: London

Escape to L-Town