Ahh festivals, I love them. The chilled out vibe, the various food stalls I graze from and of course the music. My number some wish each year is to get to a festival. Usually it's Glastonbury, but you guys know that by now. This is we couldn't go but we got tickets for Boardmasters instead. It was a different environment completely, but some great bands nonetheless.

We rocked up on Thursday, feeling suitable old as we were surrounded by everyone 17 or under. Honestly, I'm pretty sure every teenager in the South West of England and beyond was at this festival. Because of this is meant bag and body searches every time you entered the festival grounds (it was a little OTT, especially when they thought we were trying to smuggle alcohol in via our bottle of sun cream!). Once in though the music was good. I may have sobbed that Craig David had to cancel his set but Maximo Park, Kano and James Bay more than made up for the disappointment I felt.

I loved being so close to the beach and those sunsets each night were beautiful. It was also nice to be somewhere different with A and just being silly and having fun together. Life can get on top of us all sometimes so it was nice to have that step away from most of reality and just not worry about the house and work etc.


Maximo Park (honestly, I sang so hard I almost lost my voice), I've been waiting to see them for years and they were AMAZING. Best dance moves I've ever seen, great showmanship and they just seemed like the nicest. I honestly wanted to go for a pint and a dance off with Paul Smith.

Being able to head to the beach, James Bay (always, my love!), Kano, some of the best dinners (steak and squid, and halloumi and chorizo), the sunsets, the laughs.



I might sound like a huge grandma here but there really were so many teenagers and it had a huge effect on the place. Also, and this is my own personal thing, but there were so many phones everywhere. It was like you couldn't just see the music everyone had to photograph, snapshat and phone each other at every second. Don't get me wrong, I took some snaps but some people in front of us took their phones out at the beginning of the set and it was out for the entire hour and a half performance. Come on guys...give it a rest. 

Holiday for 2

Holiday for 2

And I'm a Dreamer

And I'm a Dreamer