August Favourites

August Favourites


The weather's had some colder days, jumpers are being stocked back in stores and there is a definite hint that the end of summer has come. Autumn is on it's way and in some ways I couldn't be happier. Days curled up indoors as it rains outside, home cooking, the red wine comes back out. Date nights involve the cinema and comfy corners of pubs instead of beer gardens and chasing the sun. Summer hasn't been all that present over the last few months but there have been some good days; I don't mind if you bring October along now.

August has been a month full of exciting things. I can't believe it was a year ago that Alex and I packed our things and made the move back to Devon. A YEAR! It's been a month filled with home things and life exploring that I'm so looking forward to the rest of this year!


A and I booked our very first holiday abroad together! I know, how can you go 7 years without being on a proper holiday I hear you ask, well that's just life. And I have more answers for you here. But a holiday I'm so excited and to be going back to one of my favourite places; Iceland. This trip is all about exploring the new and hoping that A falls in love with the country as much as I did 3 years ago.


Our Save the Dates have been designed by my amazing friend and we are so excited to start sending them later this month. People plan their holidays so much nowadays so we are being prepared so that hopefully our nearest and dearest can attend the big day next year.



It's only taken 8 years but I finally managed to see Maximo Park and oh boy they were worth the wait. One of the best gigs I've been too. I sang so hard and so loud I almost lost my voice by the time we were coming out of the tent. They mentioned they are writing and recording the new album so touring means another trip for me to see them. And can we all please stop and admire how dapper Paul Smith always looks and just how great his dancing is!


Yes my friends I went to a quiz night with family and we only went and bloody won. Let me tell you that that never happens. We were so excited and the prize; prosecco- even better!



I've got myself in gear and I back into reading again. The one good thing about my commute was that I got to power through so many books but I don't often get the chance now. I think about audio books but there's just something so nice about the feel of a book in your hands. Maybe with the winter months approaching it's time to join the library again.

Packing for Alicante

Packing for Alicante

Holiday for 2

Holiday for 2